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(Energy & Electrical Audit)

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Fuel and electricity are major expenses in any business today


Ever increasing fuel prices and stricter regulations pertaining to commercial energy consumption has made it imperative for modern business to ensure optimum utilization of energy resources and convert to cheaper and more sustainable energy resources. Efficient energy consumption is crucial for the economic success of all companies.

At Argon Electrotech, we help our customers in improving the energy efficiency of their facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks.

Argon Electrotech is an Energy Consulting Company offering comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions to our customers. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients designed to meet their energy requirements.

Our team consists of certified Energy Auditors and Chartered Engineers, who are authorized and certified by Government of India. Our certified Energy Auditors are the best in class and are highly experienced. Our company has over 8 years of expertise in carrying out Energy Audits for a variety of facilities including hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, small and medium scale industrial plants and more. Our team is equipped with all necessary equipment and instruments such as Power Analyzers, Flue Gas Analyzers, Ultra Sonic Flow Meters, Lux Meters, and Tachometers.

Our Energy Audit will analyze your energy systems and provide a full report on your current electricity and thermal consumption and annual energy spend. It would include specific energy savings proposals along with the associated repayment period of current energy related debt. We carry out thorough studies of the existing electrical and thermal system of your facility.

Services offered by us include:

– Walk Through Energy Audit
– Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit
– Monitoring of Energy Efficiency Projects (Includes undertaking, implementation and project monitoring).

Our customers have achieved substantial and tangible benefits in terms of cash flow and higher productivity. The crux of our advisory services lies in redesigning the production cycles to reduce energy consumption and achieve higher efficiency.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology for conducting production appraisals and demonstrating the direct benefits of projects undertaken in terms of cash flow and as revenue items on your balance sheet.

The focus of our Energy Audit is to implement “No Cost” and “Low Cost” measures which can help our clients see immediate savings.



Energy Audit Procedure

Audit is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of their facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks.

Step 1- A complete survey of the facility/ plant will be conducted by us, detailing the current energy consumption taking place. Measuring and monitoring is done using all appropriate instrumentation.

Step 2 – Exhaustive energy audit is carried out on the facility by a certified energy auditor, who evaluates the current consumption of energy in the plant against the set industry benchmarks. In depth analysis are done.

Step 3 – Recommendations are made based on the auditor’s findings. The report includes low cost/no cost measures and any energy proposal needing capital expenditure along with repayment of outstanding debt.

Step 4 – We would help you implement these findings and convert them into energy savings.

Areas Covered by Electrical Energy Audit

• Electrical Distribution Network and Transformers
• Motors, Belt, Pump, Fans & Drives
• Illumination System
• Compressed Air System
• Cooling Tower
• Refrigeration Systems, AHU, Chillers, HVAC, VAM
• DG sets

Areas Covered by Thermal Energy Audit

• Boilers
• Steam Distribution
• Insulation
• Ventilation System
• Hydraulic Systems
• Heat Exchangers
• Furnaces, Boilers, Ovens
• Steam Traps



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