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A Unique Approach:

Our team at Argon Electrotech follows a unique approach to offer maximum benefit to our customers. Our emphasis on quality and excellence has allowed us to offer customized solutions to our clients ensuring higher return on investment. Through continuous R&D efforts, we at Argon Electrotech are able to offer customized solutions that are tailored to local conditions. The following key components form the basis of our unique approach.

  • Data collection

  • System Analysis

  • Feasibility Study

  • Shadow Analysis

  • Customized Design

  • Implementation Plan

  • Material Procurement

  • Project Construction

  • Project Commissioning

  • Continuous Evaluation


Solar Photovoltaic System Integrator:

Argon Electrotech offers a one window solution to address your rising energy costs and ensure a faster & realistic payback. Our expertise in design and installation of solar plants not only helps you to generate electricity at competitive prices but also helps you to process your subsidy faster (wherever applicable).


Technology and Innovation:

We are a technology and engineering company with substantial background in the solar value chain. We focus on innovative approach to commercialize solar solutions. Our highly skilled team offers in-house knowledge for design and erection of off-grid and grid connected solar power plants. Our target is to reach masses through superior systems developed with continuous R&D efforts. We strive to attain excellence in quality through the culture of continuous improvement.

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